Discover How To:

  • Build a numbers-driven email marketing strategy that's aligned with your holiday revenue goals
  • Segment your list to send highly personalized, conversion-focused emails
  • Create a maintainable editorial calendar—and align your creative needs accordingly
  • Leverage "best practice" emails to increase the lifetime value (LTV) from your list
  • Monitor, test, and evolve your email strategy throughout the holidays to increase results as you go

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The key to giving people what they want is segmentation and personalization.

Segmentation is simply breaking out your massive email list into smaller, like-minded groups. This strategy is extremely important to ecommerce email success. Research conducted by MailChimp shows that segmentation:

  • Increases open rates by 14%
  • Improves clickthrough rates by 15%
  • Reduces bounce rates, spam report rates
  • Reduces unsubscribe rates

So how detailed should you get with segmentation? Some markets go into hyper-segmentation and some choose to stay at more broad levels.

The key is simply doing it, measuring it, and getting better at it.



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