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  • How the explosion of digital content, social networks and personalized technology have changed the buyer journey
  • Why aligning marketing and sales teams is the solution to win new customers in an extremely savvy, ultra-connected world
  • 4 steps to take to finally align your marketing and sales teams into a highly unified customer-winning force
  • How closed loop reporting can help both marketing and sales have more personalized, contextual, value-add conversations with prospective customers

BONUS SECTION:  With marketing and sales aligned, you have the foundation for an impactful inbound marketing strategy. But creating (and executing) a strategy that works is no small task. Learn from our experience the 6 critical steps you need to take to prime you for success in this new era of marketing and sales.




Justin Spring  |  Co-Founder

With more than 12 years of experience in strategic marketing and entrepreneurship, Justin leads the continual evolution of Adept’s capabilities to maximize client results. Since 2003, his chief passion has been discovering, testing and deploying new methodologies that drive marketing strategies and growth for companies of all sizes.


Jake Kaufman  |  Director, Content Strategy

With experience in content and marketing strategy, Jake architects holistic content strategies and oversees the creation of content experiences for Fortune 10 companies, Fortune 500 brands, nonprofits and mid-market businesses across a variety of distribution channels including branded asset development, social content, video strategy, email, banner ad copy, and website content.




Christy Goodman  |  Inbound Strategist

A certified HubSpot expert, Christy manages all of Adept’s inbound marketing clients, leading them on strategy and execution. Because of the holistic nature of inbound, Christy commits herself to multiple tactics and channels, including blogging, social media, automated workflows, email campaigns, and reporting. 



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