Inbound-Marketing-Assessment.jpg Ready to get started with inbound marketing? Unsure of where to start? Download our template to plan your resources and your editorial calendar appropriately. 

Download This Template To:

  • Identify each step required to implement a successful inbound marketing campaign
  • Estimate hours by deliverable to see how many man hours your campaign will actually require
  • Identify the personnel you'll need to create each touchpoint within your inbound campaign
  • Discover gaps in your resources or timeline by clearing assigning roles throughout your inbound campaign


About Adept Marketing

Adept Marketing thrives in a landscape that demands transparency and measurable results. Adept was founded Adept in 2007 with one core condition: “We’ll only do things that can be measured and we’ll hold ourselves accountable for those results.”  Adept prides ourselves on being flexible, agile, and skilled at website creative and development, ecommerce, responsive design, content marketing and inbound campaigns, search engine optimization, paid per click marketing, conversion rate optimization, and analytics strategy and consulting. 



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